PolicyMic: ”This Swedish TV Show Has Found a Creative Way to Confront Internet Trolls”


PolicyMic skriver om trolljägarna och vad Anna Troberg, Piratpartiets Partiledar, tycker om programmet:

”But not everyone believes #Trolljägarna is the solution. In a TV debate, Anna Troberg from the Swedish Pirate Party told Aschberg he’s setting a bad example and holds the old-fashioned view that the Internet is inherently bad.

Troberg told PolicyMic that the party acknowledges the problem with trolling, and in that sense agree with the show’s aim. But at the same time, they believe #Trolljägarna is the wrong way to deal with it: Many trolls are people excluded from society who lash out in horrific ways, and we need to find the reasons for this behavior rather than expose them in a confrontational way, she says. The party also argues that it should be the police and courts who deal with messages found to be illegal, not a TV show.

Put simply, Troberge doesn’t believe #Trolljägarna will end trolling but rather make it worse, pointing out that one of the men featured in the first episode has since been subjected to Internet abuse, too. “The show is only fuelling hatred online,” she said.”

PolicyMic 2014-04-07


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