Broadband World Forum: ”Anna Troberg, leader, the Pirate Party: “You have your right to a private life.”


Broadband World Forum intervjuar Anna Troberg, Partiledare för Piratpartiet, kring vad som gjorde att hon blev pirat:

”At this year’s Broadband World Forum, Anna Troberg, leader of the Pirate Party, Sweden’s swashbuckling defenders of online liberty, will be delivering a scintillating keynote concerning net neutrality, freedom, privacy and the future health of the internet– and delivering their very 21st century brand of radicalism to the heart of the telecoms and technology industry.

As I discovered interviewing Troberg earlier this week, however, she hasn’t always felt this way. Her ascent to the helm of Europe’s fastest growing political movement has echoes of the old movie where the noblewoman gets abducted by pirates—and before long finds herself captaining the ship. Back in 2008 she was an author and publisher: she only came into contact with the pirates after launching an attack on them on her blog. This sparked a discussion that led to her conversion to the cause.

I asked Troberg what swayed her…”

Broadband World Forum 2014-04-11


Foto: CC BY Stefan Roudén


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