LT – ”Varför tiger regeringen?”


Erik Lönroth, Isabelle Danielsson, David Midhage och Leo Rudberg skriver i LT om PRISM och Edward Snowden.

LT, 13 juni, 2013.


apocalypse 2013 moon god skrev

Google and the internet are my best slaves – and not vice versa!

Ed Snowden is just a small naive fish. We need more Lisbeth Salanders, i.e., perfectly educated shamans who are still able to lay down „false“ tracks and who are able to hunt in the Internet…

The war in the internet has already begun… And those who will have the best maps… (definitely not Goooooogle!).

The only good „religion“ was the shamanism of the old – but now eradicated – hunter-gatherers. Shamanism is also genetically determined, but it cannot be learned socially like the jewish memes everywhere (christians, muslims, protestants, capitalists, communists-marxists, Nazis, Hollywood, etc. etc.).

For more than 2000 years, the agrarian-hypersocial-sedentary jewish memes rule the world…
When does this circumcised-traumatized bullshit end?

The most complex beings ever produced by nature were hunting shamans.

And they are already THERE, hunting EVERYWHERE:

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